In-house Training

Digital marketing tools, like social media and advertising, can sometimes seem complicated and daunting, which leads many to rely on third parties like agencies to run them on their behalf. And sure, for complex or high stakes campaigns, having an expert manage your digital activity can be necessary. But many digital skills, like social media management and buying ads Facebook or Google Ads, can be learned by your in-house teams with the right custom training.

Unfortunately, most off-the-shelf training programmes, and those provided by tech firms, have been developed to meet commercial campaign needs. At ODV Digital, we have experience developing custom training materials for the political and governmental sectors, and providing training programmes to politicians and parliamentary assistants, national executive digital teams, grassroots non-profit orgs and media agency buying teams, in the UK, Ireland and around the world.

ODV Digital can develop a bespoke training programme for your organisation based on your unique digital needs. This training can be delivered in-person or remotely, over an intensive period or through regular shorter sessions.

Talk to us about your goals for your in-house capabilities, and we’ll make suggestions for training strategies and outputs.

“Clare is a natural leader in the digital education space – her strategic thinking and extensive knowledge of the digital, social and political landscapes, combined with her ability to command a room and bring people along with her, make her a fantastic trainer and facilitator. She has the ability to distill complex information into digestible and engaging content.”

Sean Evins, Politics & Government Outreach Manager, Facebook

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