Digital Auditing

Digital Auditing can provide a quick top-line assessment through to an in-depth qualitative review of your digital assets, whether it’s just a review of your Facebook Ad Account or a full audit of all your digital channels, website functionality for marketing, email programme and more. ODV Digital will work with you to develop a digital auditing approach which meets your organisational structure and campaign needs. Audits may include recommendations for future best practice and actions needed. 

Contact us to discuss how we’ve run digital audits in the past and the formats which have worked best for political and non-profit clients.


Digital marketing can sometimes seem complicated or daunting, and most off-the-shelf training programmes have been developed with commercial advertisers in mind. But digital strategy and tactical skills can be learned or up-levelled by in-house campaign teams with the right training.

At ODV Digital, we develop custom training programmes for the political and non-profit campaigning sectors. We can craft bespoke training materials for your organisation based on your unique digital needs. Trainings can be delivered in-person or remotely, over an intensive period or through regular shorter sessions.

Talk to us about your goals for your in-house capabilities, and we’ll make suggestions for training strategies and outputs.

Strategic Consulting

ODV Digital provide strategic advisory services and consultation on digital campaigning for general elections, referendums and movement-building. We’ve worked with multi-million euro budgets and grassroots NGOs, political parties and labour union organisers. We can help you figure out who your campaign should persuade, where and how. We know how to use digital marketing to deliver messages which drive measurable impact.

Let us work with you to coach and advise you on the right digital strategy for your campaign and budget, to deliver winning results.

Campaign Prep

When an election is called, or a campaign target announced, ODV Digital can help get your digital presence and your teams ready – whether that’s preparing social media plans, setting up best-in-class ad-buying structures, or ensuring you’re abiding by all digital platform rules – before handing the digital reins back to your own in-house teams.

When combined with a bespoke training plan, the right campaign prep can set you up for success, while maintaining full tactical control within your organisation

Campaign Delivery

When you don’t have the in-house capacity or time is too tight to deliver a best-in-class campaign, ODV Digital can manage and deliver the full campaign for you, from strategy to creative development, media planning to ad buying, optimisation and reporting, with meaningful measurement and insights.

Our experience managing campaigns large and small, for causes we care about, means you can trust us to deliver winning results – see our Success stories for examples of how we help our clients to win.

Election Bootcamp

An end-to-end bespoke programme developed in consultation with your campaign team to ensure you hit the election battle-ground running. Starting with an audit of digital assets, when matched against campaign targets and activities, we will put together an up-skilling training programme, with guidance on implementing an election tech stack, and a calendar of digital campaign activities, from community-engaging content to persuasive targeted advertising.

Talk to us about our experience of winning election and referendum campaigns, and how we’ve created customised campaign solutions for political parties and advocacy groups with all ranges of budgets and digital expertise.

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